About Our Presenter 


For over 40 years, Felton Wooten has been a licensed Nursing Home and Assistive Living Administrator. In 1997 he won the North Carolina Administrator-of-the-Year award.


Felton has created the Quality of Life Preparaton for Aging Seminar to help family members, caretakers and home care professionals improve the overall level of care provided to the elderly.


Learn how pre-planning, understanding the various models of care, dementia care and abuse & neglect prevention, can benefit the elderly person, whose care is entrusted to you. Also learn the proper protocols, to improve your life as a caretaker or health care provider. Finally, save thousands of dollars, by avoidng the many financial pitfalls associated with elder care.

Felton Wooten

Author, Elder Care Specialist

Award-Winning Nursing Home Administrator




I really appreciate the private consultation that Felton provided to my family. We were struggling to understand how to take care of my Grandfather and manage his dementia. My Aunts were at odds with each other, and some of them had the feelings that my Grandfather was doing things on purpose. Felton helped us understand what was going on and gave very specific instructions on how to improve his care, questions to ask his doctor and helped us as a family understand how to cope with our own feelings.

DJ, July 2016



The first session of the eldercare planning course that Felton conducted made my husband and I understand what documents we need to have. I can’t wait for the next 3 segments.  

VD, January 2017


As a senior I now realize that I must put some things in place to manage my affairs. This was truly an educational program that anyone needs to get and take advantage of.

NB, March 2017


After I viewed the DVD on Eldercare Planning my sister and I sat down with our parents, viewed it together and had a great talk about plans so that we are better prepared.

ML, November 2016


I would recommend this educational series to everyone. There is so much that we don’t know about managing healthcare and planning for the senior years for ourselves or family. Don’t wait, get this information.  

DM, May 2016