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Quality of Life

A seminar and planner created and hosted by Felton Wooten

"I attended the seminar last week and realized that I am not prepared. I talked with my sister and my parents the night of the seminar. Felton provided so much information and I leaned so much. He made me aware of topics that I had never thought of. People need to attend one of the seminars when they can. All I can say is "it was Phenomenal" - C. Pierce (February 2015)



"This is a must attend seminar. I cannot stress it enough. I have already started getting things in order for myself and my parents." - T. Oswald (February 2015)



"I sat there in the seminar and within a few minutes I was knocked off my pedestal thinking that I had all my business in order. I now need to make some changes to protect my son with issues that he could face with me aging." - A.Goodman (February 2015)

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